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Ultimate Nutrients Guide

where to find the fuel you need in pregnancy

What we consume is always important. 


But pregnancy seems to be the delicate time that gives us the extra push to take action. We eat well, for not just ourselves but our growing baby. 

If you have signed up for our deluxe program or a private consultation with our dietitian, then you should have a document outlining specific areas of nutrition for you. Using your personal diet optimizations, find the relevant resource for you below. 

Happy Eating! 

Nutrition for Pregnancy

Minerals, Fats, and Other Essentials


Increasing your Iron Intake


Food Sources of Calcium


Food Sources of Choline


Food Sources of Magnesium


Omega 3

Food Sources of Omega 3




Food Sources of Selenium


Vitamin A

Food Sources of Vitamin A

Vitamin D

Food Sources of Vitamin D

Vitamin K

Food Sources of Vitamin K

Precautions in Pregnancy





Low Mercury Fish

Choosing Low Mercury Fish

Foods to Avoid to Limit

Foods to Avoid or Limit

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