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In the comfort of your home.  No time limits. 

1-1 with the Health Care Provider of your choice.

Our purpose is to make sure no family falls through the cracks.

So we're here to fill those gaps. 

Our private consultations are aimed to help you process, become informed, and receive the guidance you need to feel supported. 

During our appointment,  our focus is you. There is no time limit. With each consult, you are entitled to follow-up questions.

We don't leave you halfway. 

Write to us your concern and we'll make an arrangement that works for you. 

Inquire Now

Some of our services include:

Meal planning 

Pregnancy, labour, postpartum

Nutrition support 

Gestational diabetes, anemia, nutritional deficiencies

Healthy pregnancies

Private prenatal sessions and birth preparation

Last minute prep?

Have a group of friends you'd like to learn together with?

Need to de-mystify what you've learned from another prenatal class?

Breastfeeding support (Lactation consult) 

Expertise in pumping, latch, weight gain concerns

Make a feeding plan that accommodates self care

Concerns regarding pregnancy or birth

Get thrown a curve ball?

Get support and information for clinical decisions

What are your options beyond community standards? 

Maintaining autonomy and control

Additional Support


Dealing with past trauma

Birth debriefing

Healing traumatic experiences

Debriefing and unravelling unexpected experiences

Write to us to set up a private consultation. 
Inquire Now

Not on the list? no worries, let us know what we can do for you!

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