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a plan is nothing, planning is everything



It is hard to plan labour and birth. 


Often you don't know what is helpful until you're in the moment.


The following template serves as a list of coping strategies and is a practical activity to prep you for a positive birth experience. In addition, it is a good tool for self advocacy and communication with health care providers. We recommend you print and have it with you in labour.



One way to frame birth positively for yourself is to think about

what you are looking forward to.


What are you excited to experience? 

Birth is not a scary event.  


It is an event where you will work very hard for something that is worth it, and in the process discover you are stronger than you ever imagined possible.



Downloadable PDF here.

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A Friendly Note:

Every birther should walk away from their birth feeling like a superhuman.

Sometimes things don't go according to plan. Yet at times even when everything goes perfectly well, the sheer intensity and shock of birth can leave one feeling overwhelmed.


For these reasons, we offer special birth debriefing services in our Private Consultations. 

This is especially for anyone who feels that they have a had a traumatic experience, would like to debrief with a clarity of mind to gain more insight on their birth management, and to find closure and strength in their experience. 

getting into the headspace for birth
birth plan template
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