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baby basics

Newborn Care Overview:

Diapers, Swaddling, Baths


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  • Swaddling is comforting because they are use to the tight space of the womb

  • Diapers – Finger width space for proper tightness, keep umbilical stump out, wiping girls front to back, don't be alarm by discharge, little period, aiming boys down, and little red speckles in urine normal. Rash prevention with frequent changes, air time and diaper cream. 

  • Bathing – use simple soaps and creams. Bath time 1-2 times a week otherwise you will dry out skin.  Start with head, then body, then extra layer afterwards to help them stay warm

  • Umbilical cord care – Follow your health care providers advice. My advice as a midwife working in Canada is keep clean and dry. Pat dry after bath. Don't put anything on it or pick at it. Leave it alone, yes it can be gross and even smell a little, tiny spots of blood on diaper or outfits normal.  It will naturally fall off in 1-2wks.

newborn care overview
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