birth proofing the home - no fuss, no mess


Home birth is safe as of 37 weeks (this is why you didn't need to fuss about it earlier!), now let the prep begin!

Below is our suggested prep list.  Check off the items as you get them. 


Talk to your midwife more about the details of home birth prep. There may be specifics that differ by clinic and location. 

Home births are normally way less messy than people imagine, and the clean up is not such a big hassle. Usually, the midwife leaves you tucked into a warm, clean bed and the aftermath of a home birth?


2 garbage bags: 1 laundry, and 1 garbage.


See, very manageable!

Download the *printable pdf* of all three Home Birth Prep Lists here

For You

⦁    Heating pad or hot water bottle -  for comfort during labour

⦁    2 sets of fitted sheets

(1 nice, and 1 old one that you don't care about

- or pick some up at the thrift store!)

⦁    Plastic table cloth or shower curtains

⦁    2 garbage bags - 1 for laundry and 1 for waste

⦁    8 Clean old face cloths or a cut up towel

⦁    1 large bowl - for hot compresses

⦁    5 Clean old/dark towels

⦁    Paper towel

⦁    Extra pillows and clean pillow cases

⦁    Straws bendable - make it easier to drink while laying down

⦁    Large container for placenta (eg ice cream container)

PRO TIP: store your placenta in the freezer until garbage day

unless you have other plans for your placenta

And label it!!

(otherwise someone looking for ice cream might find a surprise!)

⦁    Old blanket - for you after the birth

⦁    Sanitary napkins

Avoid dry weave (crisscross material) it can irritate stitches

⦁    Put witch hazel on some pads and put them in the freezer

- for your bottom after birth!

⦁    Box of salt - for laundry

⦁    Bottle of hydrogen peroxide

- removes blood if there are any drops and for laundry,

available at local drugstores

⦁    Packed hospital bag - in case you need transfer

For the Room

⦁    Pick your birth room. Keep in mind:


Make sure it's close to the washroom


Make sure it is accessible and spacious

(easy access to get you out of the house if needed)

Make sure it is close to your labouring space 

(You'll most likely be walking and moving around to labour)

Make sure it is or is close to where you will move to after the baby is born

(You'll want to just cuddle and rest after having your baby)

⦁    A cleared dresser or table with 2 outlets nearby

This setup should be somewhere in the birth room.

Have extension cords if needed for access to the outlets. 

⦁    Preparing the Bed (A waterproof sandwich):

1. Once labour starts, make the bed with clean sheets.

2. Then cover them with a plastic, waterproof layer

(i.e. plastic table cloth or shower curtain)

3. Make the bed again, over top of these two layers with

older sheets that you don't mind getting dirty. 


The Magic trick:

The top sheet and plastics layer will be removed after birth and you will instantly have a clean bed underneath!

⦁    Doing the Laundry:

add a cup of salt

and a cup of hydrogen peroxide

to your laundry detergent.

NOTE: Wash all laundry in cold water:

⦁    Ensure bath tub is cleaned for use in labour or birth

⦁    Consider arrangements for children and pets

Pets are normally good with labour.

They know something is happening and tend to stay out of the way.

Keeping them in a designated area or room and help prevent them from getting in the way, and also out of the placenta!

For the Baby

⦁    Baby hats - two different sizes

⦁    6-8 receiving blankets

⦁    Diapers

⦁    Olive oil or coconut oil

- for baby's bum to make the first diapers easier to clean

⦁    Car seat

(they're not going anywhere, but just in case birth plans change)