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Our goal is to help every woman to an empowering transformation and have every chance of the best outcomes.
Here is how we'll achieve it. 
Intake Consult

What happens at my initial consultation? Why is it special?

At your initial consultation,


you meet with our midwife and dietitian:

  • We take the time to get to know you

  • We collect a combination of health information and your personal wishes

  • Answer some of your early pregnancy questions


Based on your goals, health profile, and specifics, we design the perfect prenatal education plan for you

Starting Early

Why should I start prenatal education as early as I can?

How will this benefit me?

Stepping into new realms takes time. Early pregnancy can be lonely.

Starting early means

  • Early decision-making support: what care provider will you pick? Obstetrician, family doctor, or midwife?

  • More time to understand your wishes and concerns for labour

  • Time to digest information for you and your partner/birth team

  • Don't fall through the healthcare gaps

Pregnancy Loss support

  • Most women fall through the healthcare cracks. Often women face cold, distanced care. Sometimes you need more than the clinical care for your wellness. You will be supported with information and have access to our midwives.

Unlimited Questions

How can this service support me?

Tiny-seeming misinformations along the way can be costly!


It can:

  • alter your whole birth - miss out options you didn't know existed!

  • change your entire attitude towards your pregnancy

  • Make you falsely reassured

  • Make you unnecessarily panicked

  • Confuse you when you see contradicting information

  • Affect your emotions and destroy your happy vibes


It is frustrating to not have a go-to place with your questions.  Everything you do now that you're pregnant has a different priority - your baby. So you want all your questions taken seriously. And answered well. No matter how small.

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