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own your birth story

Giving Birth to Motherhood

By Amie McCracken

Learn more about Amie McCracken here.

Motherhood is an impossible balancing act between love and fear.

Giving Birth to Motherhood will heal your birth story through writing. A mixture of essays and writing prompts break the process down into baby steps and address concerns from different perspectives. This all culminates in catharsis: finding relief from strong emotions. You will create a birth story you can be proud of, or one that you can burn in a fire and never think of again. The point is, it will be out of your head and down on paper where you can begin to move on.


Your motherhood journey deserves a good foundation. 



About the Author

Amie McCracken edits and typesets books for self-published authors. Four months after her son was born, she sat down with a journal and wrote her birth story, discovering more through that process than she could have ever imagined. She felt compelled to bring that same healing to other mothers through a book like this.

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