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Delux Prenatal Guide

The same monthly curated content. 

Delivered face-to-face. 


Your very own experts. 


Upgrade your prenatal plan for a delux package

Midwifes and Dietitian. At your service. 

Get comfortable. 


Find your favourite spot. Curl up with your go-to support person. And a refreshing drink. 

Flip open your laptop. Start chatting with your midwife. 

Build a relationship with a team that knows you. 
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Free Consult.
Meet your team first. 
Pick your Bundle.
Let us know how many months are left in your pregnancy + 6 months postpartum 
Review your plan. 
We'll give you a plan outline.
Don't confirm until after you've
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 It's simple. It's the same as our subscription program.

Our Subscription Program delivered through video calls with our team.



Extra care includes:   

Birth debriefing

Early labour support calls

Postpartum & breastfeeding support

Unlimited questions throughout pregnancy + first 6 months 


We design are all programs in line with our values to maximize YOUR experience and help you achieve the best outcomes. Read more on how you can benefit from our services. 

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During your sessions, we'll cover these general areas:

Start with you.

We practice woman-centred care. Our sessions start with a check-in on how you're doing, your questions, and what you want to talk about. 

Clinical preparations

Learn about upcoming checks and all your options with them. 

You will be prepared with the right questions for your doctor appointments.



Your body and your baby during pregnancy, labour and postpartum


Supporting your mental health

Managing emotions and relationships


Self discovery

Draw confidence from within yourself - knowing what you want, understanding what you value, and what holds you back. Unpack fears and judgements.


Explaining the research in full

What does it really mean?

Do approach everything with a scientific mind? Or perhaps one topic has gotten your interest and you really want to get to the bottom of it! We can explore the reasons, benefits, risks, and key points behind guidelines

Uncover Choices

Which care provider to choose? Where do have you baby?

Choices you didn't know you had. 

Develop skills to self advocate and communicate 

In the heat of the moment, things can seem very black and white. You might feel out of options, or out of time to find out what the options are. We help you develop a framework so you and your partner feel confident in those moments.

Interesting birth topics

The ones that don't quite fit into routine appointments. Nothing's off limits. 

Subscription Program
Modern Prenatal Classes signature education & care program
Learn more about the benefits for you
Have a certain concern?
1-1 virtual consultations are available with a midwife or nutritionist. 
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